Top Tips for your First Stand at an Exhibition?

When you are starting out in business, or just looking to increase awareness of your current company, having a stand at a market specific exhibition can open you up to a whole new variety customers, contacts, and ideas.

So, you’ve just booked your first ever stand at an industry exhibition? Here are a few things that are worth you knowing…

Because you only have a small space to promote your business, you need it to stand out with your branding as much as possible. Things like roller banners are great for a professional look and are also relatively inexpensive.

If you have a bigger budget, something like a pop up display will cover the back of your stand but also make your space eye catching, informative and professional looking to all passersby.

Having a table at the front middle is also useful as a way of talking to clients over, also having things like leaflets and brochures sitting on there. Because you are behind the table it gives an opportunity to be approachable as there is a space between yourself and the people coming to your stand. This table is a focal point and it will enable people to feel comfortable coming over because if you didn’t have one, then they would feel like they are intruding.

A thing we have found to work is to display the 5 reasons people should come and talk to you on your display. This gives a reason for people to come and talk to you as they will see clearly what you offer. If it just your logo and website address, some people may be confused as to what you are offering.

Making sure the people who visit your stand leave with something such as a business card, brochure, or leaflet is very important. They will truly review everything they have visited at these events once they get home, so literature is important.

What are your goals?

There are two goals when having a stand at an exhibition;

1)      Make a memorable impression.

2)      Make sure you educate as many people as possible and give them literature.

As you are going to be one out of many stands at the event, standing out, looking professional and giving people a reason is key to making the most of your time there.

We provide a wide variety of equipment to make you stand out at exhibitions such as banner stands, pop up displays, A Frames, and roll up banners. So give us a call today if you are needing any help and advice with your next exhibition stand.

Cut above the rest!

At the forefront of innovation WeDisplay provide Laser Cutting technology for clients who constantly strive to be different.

WeDisplay can cut any design out of any material including wood, plastic, brass, aluminium and card. From a 3D Christmas Card or invite to a bespoke piece of sculpture or exhibition graphics laser cutting can deliver a creative product which was not possible a few years ago.

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Innovation and Impact!

WeDisplay provide innovative print processes and ideas to deliver something different and to help make the customer stand out. Laser Engraving is a relatively recent but fast growing process that delivers impact. Lasers are capable of etching graphics and photos in virtually any type of material and can include 3D images. A flourescent edged perspex is ideal for engraving and gives stunning effects.

The Laser engraving application is limitless from simple business cards, wall art to large exhibition panels engraving will create the visual impact you are looking for!

For further information contact Peter on 0114 2518807 or email